LOVE & HUSTLE x Asmbly Hall

We’re excited to partner with
Art Of Hustle:
Where Art Meets Entrepreneurship
Papalodown Agency
a networking event for entrepreneurs,
small biz owners and those that are
looking for additional insight and advice
to get their hustle off the ground
and in the right direction.
There will be an amazing panel of
ladypreneuers and mompreneurs,
and we hope to see you there!
This event takes place Monday,
February 11, 1-3:30 PM
and is limited capacity
(will be held at our #FillmoreFlagship)
and FREE. Link to the article
and reservations HERE.
Attendees of the event will
receive a special discount to
shop our store before and after
the festivities. And you can network
more with your peers!
This pic means a lot to us because
about 3 years into our hustle,
we found out we were going
to have a little one on the way.
Tricia was about 3 months pregnant
with the spunky spark plug,
intern and future key holder
soon-to-be four-nager
Because our hustle is her future!!

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