ASMBLY HALL Invitation from VP Kamala Harris to VP Mansion in DC

This past Holiday season, I was honored to receive an invitation from Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff to attend a Holiday reception at the Vice President residence in Washington DC. After meeting VP Harris back in March having been invited to an AAPI roundtable for Asmbly Hall, I have seemingly made my why onto a special “List” that has carried me into spaces that I never imagined I’d be in. This time around, I was given a plus 1, and of course had to share the experience with Ron- since it is likely the most honorable of honorable events we’d ever get to attend in our lifetime.

The cocktail party was pretty amazing and it was surreal walking through the grand yet cozy VP estate. We learned that this event was specifically for Madam VP’s friends in California, about 200 of us making our way from out west~ her close friends growing up, CSU Chancellor & Presidents, CA political leaders & business leaders, and close supporters who have all shared a space with VP Harris around the way and continue to follow her along on her journey.

Vice President Harris took the time to have a photo-op with all of us, where I shared with her that we had met at an AAPI roundtable for our business in SF’s Chinatown. To my surprise, Madam VP looked at me and replied--
“I remember you!” — I was stunned and speechless.
Did the Vice President of the United States really just say she remembered me?? In any case, I will take this honor, and choose to believe that there is an ever-so-slight chance that Madam VP actually remembers me, the Filipina small business owner from San Francisco!

I’m so honored to have met Vice President Harris time and time again, President Biden at the White House, and for these surreal opportunities that would not be possible if not for our Small Business. I always say that what started as a love for fashion and an ambitious goal of wanting to open up a cool clothing shop in my hometown, has turned into so much more, gifting us with priceless experiences that we will forever be humbled and grateful for.

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