Asmbly Hall as one of Nasdaq's "Faces of Entrepreneurship"

We are very honored, greatly humbled and thankful
to be featured as one of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center's
"Faces of Entrepreneurship."
The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is an SF-based
non-profit designed to educate, innovate, and connect
aspiring and current entrepreneurs.
Established in 2014 with support from the
Nasdaq Educational Foundation,
the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center or "The Center,"
serves the greater Bay Area community
through differentiated events,
meaningful entrepreneurial education,
and a strong commitment to mentorship.
Take a peek below at a little bit of what we had to say
which The Center featured on their social media platforms.
Even Harlow-Bear got in on the action...
Thank You to everyone who has supported us -
whether shopping and buying at the shop or online,
attending our events and even just coming in to say hello.
Yes, business transactions keep us afloat and running, but it's the
Human Transaction that we value the most.
We're small. We're local.
And we are thankful for your support!

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