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TRENDS TRENDS! Lumberjack & Paisley

As you probably have seen on the streets, plaid is definitely in and has been the trend since the birth of the hipster, but what about the lumberjack plaid?? I guess the Brawny Man's fashion sense finally caught on, because the lumberjack plaid is all the rage! It's a type of plaid thats a bit more sophisticated than the average hipster on the street, we'd like to call it a Sophisticated Prepster look!! 
;;'s slideshow article "51 Modern Lumberjack Looks " provides excellent examples of that perfect Lumberjack look for all types of men. #1 on their list features a runway collection from fall 2013 by Duckie Brown, inspired by the oh so famous lumberjack plaid. Duckie Brown sure makes us look at lumberjacks in a very different way, a sophisticated way! Check out the slide show here: 51lumberjacklooks
Peep one of our local brands Fudali featuring the lumberjack trend with their very own
Lumberjack Dempsy Hood, now found at the shop..
Another mens trend we've had our eyes on is the paisley print. You may have seen this in the typical bandana/ "doo rag", but this unfading print is making a come back in the streetwear scene. Hypebeast did a good, informative article awhile back about the famous motorcycle, gang-inspired pattern. But before reaching the average American motorcycle gang's closet, the paisley print actually paved its way through history across the globe.  According to Zach Pina from Hypebeast:
"The distinctive “twisted teardrop,” or mango-shaped design at the centerpiece of any paisley pattern is believed to be Indian or Iranian in origin — the latter of which has been known to have been using the design since the Sassanid Dynasty, which ended in 651 AD. Scholars agree that the pattern has long since been associated with Hinduism, but as for what it was inspired by, is still something of a mystery."
Check out hypebeasts article here:
Popular brand of the shop GPPR shared their take on the historical paisley print with their Band Tee:
"Inspired by the “2 tone” movement of the 1970’s. The 2 tone movement originates from the musical genre "2 Tone", created in England in the late 1970s by fusing elements of ska, punk rock, rocksteady, reggae and pop. It was called 2 Tone because most of the bands were signed to the record label 2 Tone Records at some point (according to, giving way to a whole movement of not only music but art, fashion and lifestyle."
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