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Word of the Week: REPETITION

As we step into the last week of February, what was once seen as a brand new year is now feeling a bit more comfortable. The months repeat, the weeks go by and the days grow a little faster. But the word Repetition goes behind a daily routine. Repetition has been used in many creative ways as a technique of artistic expression. You can find this being used in music, from the repetition of beats to the structure of a chorus and verse. Dance is another form of artistic expression where repetition is key.
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This week's word of the week at Asmbly Hall is MOVEMENT.
Most of us are busy busy busy during the work week. Getting from point A to point B, making meetings, getting to the bus on time, or making that last train home; it can all get a bit stressful. But through these stressful times it's nice to stop and watch the leaves fall, and take a break from our emails to watch the buildings pass us on the bart ride home. There is movement everywhere, even when we pause from...