Pokemon GO x Asmbly Hall Style

Pokémon GO friends!
Been too busy catching those Magmars and Zubats
to keep up with your awesome everyday wardrobe??
Well fret no more because Asmbly Hall is here to help!
Fall has been making it's way into the shop
and have we got just the right goodies to keep you
warm and stylish during your evening hunt-athons of
Celfairies, Geodudes, and Eevees...
Our first outfit is for our casual and cute players (+ player-haters) out there.
Local designer Alamere is a fan-fave of the shop
showcased above in the Merino Wool Vneck and
Sutter Softshell Jacket for the ladies. 
All Alamere fabrics are fabulously functional and
stylishly cool with wicking properties throughout,
to help keep you dry as you make those Pokéstop runs.
Alamere Jackets all have a Durable Water Repellent coating
making them waterproof, windproof,and ultra breathable,
allowing you to catch your Poliwags in any weather.
Our Lady Alamo backpack adds the finishing touch to this outfit,
perfect for carrying the essentials~
snacks to water to external chargers and
anything else you may need on your hunt.
Throw these pieces on with your fave jeans and
cute comfy sneaks, and you're ready to
Pokéman GO GO GO!
Ladies we've also got the right pieces to spruce up your
work wardrobe, and help you with those mid-day hunts.
Check out new Fall pieces by Amuse Society~
Aven Swing Cardi and Baze Utility Jacket.
These pieces are a surefire way to get you
through business meetings, work presentations,
and catching Pokémon in-between
your everyday responsibilities.
Pokéman GO gents we haven't forgotten about you...
For the above outfit, our Knix Woven Anorak from Publish
is the star of the show, with a Mystic-fying resemblance to...
you guessed it, a Pokéman Trainer!
We paired it back to Blade + Blue's Go West Chambray
and a pair of Ace Rivington Beach Washed Chinos,
comfy for those miles you'll be walking
to try and hatch those eggs.
Our final outfit is for our casual and cool dudes on the go.
Shown here is the gents version of the Merino wool shirt,
paired back to both the City Puff
and Sutter Softshell Jackets by Alamere.
DWR coated, waterproof, windproof and ultra breathable.
Altogether you have an outfit sure to attract
any Voltorb or Magikarp you come across.
We hope you had as much fun reading this post
as we had writing it!
Stop on by to see the new goods in person
and you may get lucky catching 
a Staryu or two.
Happy hunting trainers!
(All pieces found in store and online).

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