Fillmore Grand Opening... Grand Closing.

We’re down, but not quite out.

While we here in San Francisco patiently wait to hear details of Phase 2, which includes the opening of retail brick-and-mortar stores like ours, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the very difficult decision to permanently close our ASMBLY HALL Fillmore Flagship location.

Are we sad to close Fillmore? Well, of course. Our Fillmore Flagship was a significant chapter in our lives. We were able to extend past the store and participate in Undiscovered SF in Soma Pilipinas; we were on track to break ground with Republika, a new and innovative retail experience and business incubator; we were able to open our 2nd shop in SF’s Divisadero Corridor (which we will continue to operate). 

Our employees and customers throughout the years became our friends, and eventually became family. We hosted sample sales, art shows, music showcases and various pop-ups from retail to coffee to wine, to name a few.  And who can forget about the yearly Fillmore Jazz Festival! Our Fillmore store welcomed famous celebrities, talented musicians and inspiring designers along the way.

And our daughter Harlow grew up in the store and became a part of the shops identity. You could count on being greeted by her daily as you entered the store.

Our Fillmore Flagship was the neighborhood anchor and foundation for us to do things for the community beyond our 1850 Fillmore Street address.

Despite our Fillmore closure, we’re still very proud of what we achieved. Nine years is a tall order. Especially for a brick-and-mortar retail store. But we did it. And we fought that good fight.

Nothing lasts forever. But the friendships and memories we’ve made do.

Thank you, Fillmore.

And thank you friends, See you at Divis...

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