New Brand Alert: Pigeon Heart Jewelry

We'd love for you all to give a warm
welcome to the newest brand at the shop: Pigeon Heart!
Pigeon Heart is a local jewelry brand based out of the Bay Area.
Each piece is uniquely designed, hand-hammered in sterling silver or brass.
Because all pieces are hand-made,
each piece is unique and one of a kind :)
Pigeon Heart began in 2010 when Lisa the designer
was inspired to create beautiful, quality, hand-made jewelry.
All of the materials used to create the jewelry are
sourced with ethical harvest in mind,
with influences drawn from the flow and breath of nature.
Lisa considers the jewelry "wherever wear"-
'dress it up or down, its yours when you choose it.'
We hope you love the collection as much
as we do! Come by the shop to check it out!

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